maandag 24 juni 2013

COME PLAY! remember when...?

Remember when Sari said...? You did what? Your coaching was spot on? Or that time when we were doubled over in hysterics? Come on. We know you all have your favorite moments during your time in training here. So share the love; share the stories!

Intact is launching Come Play! a series of competitions asking you to submit your favorite memories, photos, quotes, case studies, etc from your time at Intact. Win, and your submission will become a part of Intact’s new site now in development. The winner will also be given a free voucher for a friend for the TA101- Introduction to Transactional Analysis.

So… remember when?...
Your favorite memory is our first competition.

Get musing and make your submission right here on our Facebook page.
Check back to vote and see the results as well as take part in the next round!
And make sure to “LIKE” us on your way out!

Change your life! Transform your work!

dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Changing Organizational Culture

Organizations almost always “complain” about the same things in their culture:
· People in the organization are not focused on end user experience, causing lack of innovation.
· Leadership is too strong (micro management) or too weak (inconsistent), causing ineffectiveness and lack of direction.
· Employees have trouble prioritizing, taking initiatives or feel they don’t really belong in the organization, causing performance problems.
· There is a lack of cooperation across disciplines and departments, causing inefficiency.
Based on our long experience of implementing organizational cultural change, we have developed a methodology that addresses these issues and supports sustainable behavioural change.