maandag 22 april 2013

Intact Academy Coaching & Supervision Salons

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Happy nomad

We are in a state of transition; change is the steady state nowadays. Still people need to have a feeling of belonging to a larger whole. This feeling of belonging can be through a place or structure, through relationships, through an idea.

At all these levels we have become more fluid, and could be called modern nomads. The happiest nomads are those that navigate their many identities without the expectation that any of those identities will ever form a fixed attachment. They have exchanged the idea of a fixed home for the privilege of recreating their home time and again moment by moment.

In this workshop we will explore different states of attachment and the role TA can have in creating happier nomads.

donderdag 18 april 2013


Sari van Poelje, director of the Intact Academy, invites you to our new Introduction to Transactional analysis training on May 30-31th.

Transactional analysis (TA) is a practical theory of personality, communication and change. It is a powerful tool for professional and personal growth. The goal of transactional analysis is to increase awareness, spontaneity and the capacity for relationship.
This workshop is for anyone who is interested in expanding his or her insight into human behavior and change.
Through short presentations, exercises and sharing of personal and professional experiences we will enable you to create possibilities in your life, relationships and your organization.

During the workshop you will learn about:
• Development of TA and TA values
• Structural analysis: who I am and how I developed
• Transactional analysis proper: being effective in communication
• Rackets and games: miscommunication and getting out of games
• Script analysis: rewriting your life stories
• Recognition as a motor for change

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dinsdag 2 april 2013

Games in Organizations

Do you recognize those situations "where you're only trying to help" and the other person keeps saying "yes but", so you get into a fight? We call these psychological games.

A game is a repetitive pattern of non-problem solving behavior that leads you to your “favorite” rotten feeling. They are continuous complaints that get you the attention you want.

Games and rackets in organizations are frequent occurrences, especially when an organization is under stress. They are linked to the health of the boundary system.

In this salon we will find ways to recognize these patterns and help clients create options to get their needs met in a direct way.