dinsdag 23 juli 2013

COME PLAY! @ Intact Academy

OK, so last time you shared your favorite memories. Now we want a different type of memory, photos! 

New to Come Play!? Intact has launched a series of competitions asking you to submit your favorite memories, photos, quotes, case studies, etc. from your time at Intact. Win, and your submission will become a part of Intact’s new site now in development. The winner will also be given a free voucher for a friend for TA101- Introduction to Transactional Analysis. 

So… smile everyone!... Your favorite photo from your time at Intact is our second competition.

Get musing and send your pictures to info@intact1.com. Visit our Facebook page.
Check back to vote and see the results as well as take part in the next round!
And make sure to “LIKE” us on your way out!

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